A Quick Guide To Writing The Five Essential Parts Of A Research Paper

The top 5 parts of a research paper need to be executed in a manner that is very efficient. Do you now know what those 5 parts are and would like to find out? Then you would be wise to read this article as you will discover the different parts of the puzzle that will make the entire project. So without further delay here are 5 essential parts to creating the kind of research paper you will be proud to submit to the examiner:

  1. Title: the first thing that you need to consider is the title that you’ll opt for. Selecting the title can be a quite stressful, because you do not want to choose the wrong one. Doing so will make for a more difficult project that might make it too hard to complete.
  2. Table of contents: for those of you who will complete very large projects it will be vital to create a table of contents. This is the one piece of the puzzle that will help you get organized in a quick and solid manner. As times goes on you’ll learn how to get the table of contents right without much of a hassle.
  3. Introduction: it goes without saying that the intro has to capture the attention and imagination of the person who will be marking your work. If you can increase their level of interest in the project you have created here, then they might be biased towards giving you a top mark further down the line when the content becomes questionable.
  4. Results: you have to present the results of your study in a way that leaves noting to the imagination. So using graphs and so on will be the key to getting a piece of work completed that you can be happy about. Also consider taking a look at projects similar to your own one as these will be the type that can be best understood in the hopes of knowing what you need to do yourself.
  5. Citations: at the end of the project there has to be a section where you write down all the sources that you have used to get the work done. This is not a complicated section and should not be that hard to finish if you take your time whilst doing it.