A Selection Of Top-Notch Topics On French Revolution For Your Research Paper

The French revolution is one of the iconic events in history. It also had huge social transformation effects on the country and world at large. It led to the emergence of businesses, political systems, individuals, ideologies and art, among other sprouts. It therefore forms an incredible study topic.
Completing a paper of this magnitude requires tact. With so many papers written on the subject, there is need to produce a unique one. The following steps of writing a research paper will help you craft a winning one.

Choose a strong topic

A lot can be said about the French revolution. It had an effect on the political, social, business and international landscape which can still be felt today. However, all these elements cannot fit in a single paper. The secret is to identify an area where you will train your attention. Make the topic interesting and unique to read. Here are research paper French revolution // research paper ideas to consider.

  1. What triggered the French Revolution
  2. The possibility of a repeat of French Revolution
  3. The effects of French Revolution on industrialization
  4. Exportation of French revolution to other countries
  5. Champs de Mars massacre and its place in the French Revolution
  6. The legislative assembly in the context of the French Revolution
  7. The Revolutionary Tribunal and its role in the revolution
  8. The trial of Louis XVI and its impact on the future of the French society
  9. The place of religious leaders or clergy in the French society before and after the revolution
  10. What can be said of the Tennis Court Oath
  11. What are the ramifications of the French Revolution in the world today

Develop an Outline

An outline helps you to organize your ideas. There is a likelihood of repeating ideas or leaving some out. With an outline to assist in brainstorming, you can identify the main points before hand and place them strategically within your paper. This will reflect in quality and logical arguments. The outline will also help you to identify resources you will need like books and articles for reference purposes.
You need to read widely in order to strengthen your research paper French Revolution. With a lot of literature and materials available on the subject, you will not be forgiven for misrepresenting facts or misquoting them. Study diverse materials to strengthen your arguments on the subject.