Recommendations on Writing a Research Paper on the Great Depression

Writing a research paper on a serious historical topic such as the Great Depression can be complicated as it requires a lot of concentration and subject knowledge as well as an ability to analyze all the information gathered. There are recommendations that can help you cope with every step of creating a quality paper.


Deep knowledge of the topic is very important when working on the project. It is necessary to understand the background of the Great Depression, the processes of deepening and recovery as well as the consequences. The sources to browse are:

  1. Web resources.
  2. First check online encyclopedias, almanacs, general information. It’s recommended to pay attention to the domain extensions and choose the sites that represent institutions as the information they provide is usually more reliable. This includes such extentions as .gov (government), .org (non-profit organization) or .edu (educational institution).

  3. Libraries.
  4. They usually have a wide selection of books on economy and history, and these two categories are the main ones to start with.

  5. Primary research.
  6. Talking to people whose families have lived during the times of the Great Depression or visiting museums that have the sections dedicated to it (for ex., Smithsonian National Museum of American History) might also be helpful.

Constructing a Bibliography

Referencing is a vital part of any paper of this kind. Keep track of each web page, book or article you use and mark down the title, author, place of publication, publisher and date of publication for each source.

Writing an Outline

The work should have the following structure:

  • An introduction.
  • This part should contain thesis statement on the Great Depression.

  • A body.
  • Here the main key points should be described. You can start with the background of the Great Depression, then follow with the beginning of it, deepening, and, finally, recovery, ending with analyzing the impact on the economy and social life.

  • A conclusion.
  • This part should consist of analytical summary and concluding statement.

Writing Drafts

  • First draft should be a rough version of your work.
  • Second draft is for double-checking all facts, reorganizing information, and marking the spots in the paragraphs that will need a later review.
  • Third draft is where you should proofread everything and check punctuation, spelling etc.

Preparing the Final Paper

It should be ready at least a few days before the deadline and be tidy and neat. It’s advisable to ask you friends or parent to read the paper of listen to how you do this, and point the issues or possible things they couldn’t understand. Thus you will get feedbacks from people that are not familiar with your subject which is very valuable.