5 Crucial Recommendations on Writing A Research Paper on Martin Luther King Jr

Martin Luther King Jr is one of the most iconic personalities of the 20th century. He will appear on different disciplines including law, sociology, business, economics, politics, etc. When asked to write a research paper about Martin Luther King Jr, you might wonder where to start considering that a lot has been written about him. There appears to be nothing new you can add about this social activist. This is why many papers tend to focus on what is already known about him. This makes the papers extremely boring. Here are tips and considerations that will transform any paper you wish to write about him.

  1. Choose a Strong Topic.
    Martin Luther King Jr is viewed under different prisms. All these representations give you an idea that you can use as a topic. You may want to explore his childhood, his social activism, influence, conflicts, etc. The topic will depend on the discipline you are studying the man.
    With so many areas you can cover, the possibility of settling for the obvious and mundane topics is high. Whichever topic you settle for, ensure that it is interesting and unique to read. It must be fresh to the minds of the most learned scholar on Martin Luther King Jr. Without such freshness, it will be impossible to ignite curiosity and freshness in the mind of the reader who lays his hands of your work.
  2. Read Widely.
    This is one of the widest read topics. This means that facts are everywhere. Any misrepresentation will be flagged off at first instance. The beautiful this is that there are novels, movies, documentaries, articles and a lot of internet materials on the subject. Use these materials to craft a factual and interesting paper to read.
  3. Be Unique.
    The public, work and engagements of Martin Luther King Jr are known world over. You therefore need to provide something new and interesting for the minds of a reader. You need to be creative and read a lot of materials. Without this, you will only be regurgitating what other writers have said, thus making your work boring.
  4. A Strong Introduction.
    How you introduce your paper determines the reception it receives. One of the winning ways is to use quotes in research paper. Martin Luther King Jr has been quoted extensively in his speeches addressing numerous issues. Provide a quote that captures the perspective you want to take in your paper.
  5. Edit The Paper.
    It is suicidal to present an unedited paper. It usually contains numerous grammatical, syntax and other errors that lower the quality of you paper. You are allowed to use a third eye editor who will give the paper an independent view.

When writing a research paper on Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, it helps to have facts on your finger tips. Read widely but ensure that your content is unique. Do not present a paper that is not edited.