Things To Remember When Composing A Research Paper With Headings

The heading of your research paper is like a banner announcing a business. Its attractiveness will determine the perception and reception the paper receives among readers. As such you should make the heading attractive and interesting to read. Consider the following tips when drafting your heading.

  • Relevance
    How relevant is your heading to your discipline of study? For instance, if your paper is on business, the heading must reflect that. Even when the subject being studied might not be exclusively business related, it must have an angle that points back at business.
    There is another angle to relevance where by the heading must reflect the current situation in your discipline. It is mundane to read a paper about a topic that has been debated over and over. This lowers the attractiveness of the paper. In case the subject is more academic than social, the subject must seek to offer a solution to an existing academic problem. This is the only reason any scholar will be interested in your paper.
  • Specific
    From your heading of research paper a reader should be in a position to develop legitimate expectations. Being specific means boundaries whereby a reader knows what to expect from your paper. For instance, a heading on history of art should specify the years e.g. between 1200-2000, or when discussing international trade, the discussion should be on a specific commodity, country, era, etc.
  • Interesting
    Even a supervisor or tutor who is obliged to go through your work needs to read an interesting paper. This interest will only be generated from the heading. An interesting heading is one where words have been chosen carefully and purposely. It must show creativity and an orientation towards a solution. The most interesting headings emerge from recent media coverage of issues, suggestions by researches and an idea that is plucked from an area you are passionate about.

The most interesting research paper headings are choosy on words and purposeful in their use. Choosing an area of passion is highly recommended because it generates passion. Make your heading relevant to the discipline and the society today. Though you should select a creative heading, it should not overshadow the subject under discussion or cause your paper to appear like a joke.