Four Secret Tips On Writing Research Paper Mathematics With Ease

When you learn that you have to write a research paper about mathematics, you may become puzzled as to how you can do this. After all, math involves numbers and not words, right? If you find yourself struggling with writing a paper on mathematics, keep the following secret tips in mind.

  • #1: Explain the Original Theory
  • Before you can delve into the point you are trying to prove, you first have to be sure your readers understand the original theory. Think about the theories that have brought your topic about and how they were proven or refuted. Be sure that you understand this in its entirety as well, so that you can effectively explain it to your readers.

  • #2: Do Thorough Research
  • When you are exploring an area of mathematics, it is important to research the history and current theories on your topic. By doing this, you will learn about how it has evolved as new theories have arisen.

  • #3: Know What You Are Trying to Prove
  • Once you understand your topic, you can decide what the thesis of your paper will be. Some good ideas include:

    • Introducing a new result or theory that strengthens the proof of a mathematical concept
    • Connecting two separate aspects of math that were not previously related
    • Explaining a theory in a way that it has not yet been explained and understood
    • Refuting an old theory with new ideas or different results

    As you choose your topic, be sure that you will be able to deliver what the readers are expecting. If you are going to refute an older study, for example, be sure that you have proof.

  • #4: Use Visuals When Necessary
  • Sometimes, the best way to explain something or offer proof of what you have done is with a visual. This can be especially beneficial in mathematics, where it can sometimes be hard to explain without shapes and numbers. When you do use visuals, do not include them in the body of your paper. Instead, included printed copies of your visuals at the end of your assignment. Add them to the areas of the text where they are appropriate by referring to them as Visual 1.4 or Example 3.

Writing a paper on mathematics seems like it would be challenging, but with these tips it can be easy. Keep them in mind as you write to make your work much easier.